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You Receive a Mandala ID number


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Get ready to start Painting ! 



Celebrate the unveiling of your Mandala




Let us hear your opinion


The Process
  • Stating the group intention for the project

  • Power Point Presentation about Mandalas

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  •  Every Hanger will have a link to an online page where stories about the individuals are presented / If wanted.

  • Content will be updated live as the project is taking place

  • Audiences have the opportunity to follow the story online in real time

  • Depending on time - Participants will paint hangers white, then color them the following day.

  • Everyone paints 2 Hangers - 1 for Yin - 1 for Yang

  • Painting will be done individually with live music accompanying the group.

  • The intention here is to allow an introspection into the process of representing ones individuality in a Collective.

  • A series of question will be presented to the group

  • Participants have the option to document their responses through various formats. video/ audio/ written 

  • With the help of a team of (Videographers - Photographers )

    • Capturing the story of individuals ​

    • Creating a short Documentary 

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Time to Reveal the finished Mandala

- Celebrate, sing, dance & unify -

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  • Closing Ceremony

  • Live music,

  • Food

  • Performers

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Participant Limit
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For the project, the amount of participants is proportional to the vision, budget, scope & impact an organization wishes to deliver.

The Unity Mandala is designed to host as many or as little participants, so you set your limit. 

Hangers - 32

Participants - 16

Scale - 4 1/12 Feet

Hangers - 64

Participants - 32

Scale - 8 1/12 Feet

Scale - 30 Feet

Mandala Animation (3).png
Mandala Animation (4).png

Mandala Installation Concept for Cities, Universities, etc


Project Duration - Subject to change for different group sizes

1 week long

Day 1 - Introductions, Presentation, Reflection Writing, Painting Hangers White      

3 hrs

Day 2  - Painting hangers, Interviews / Documentation

3 hrs

Day 3-6  - The Mandala Assembly (by our team)

Day 7  - Mandala Reveal - Celebration, Music, Food 

2 hrs

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Project Supplies - Subject to change for different group sizes

Provide by you

  • Hangers

  • Color paint

  • Brushes

  • Hangers

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Projector / Display screen

  • Tables for painting hangers

Provide by us

  • White paint

  • Drop sheets

  • Speaker/Music

  • Boxes to Dry Hangers

If your organization has access to some materials for the project, please let us know, we can deduct cost from the budget

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1 - Dark Room: Only for Day 1

We need to have access to a completely dark room, for a The Crystal Glaze  show

3 - Room for Interview 

(Can be connected or separate from main room)

Access to a space to conduct interviews/photos

2 - Room

A Room with tables for Painting/ outdoor set up.

Need to have access to a projector.

4 - Closing Ceremony

Hosted at your venue, / outdoor park (green space), Local Venue

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Host a Mandala Workshop

School Graduation Ceremonies 


Community Groups


Join us on this journey

Fill In Your Info

Thanks for submitting!

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